Cocoa Bon - Our Story
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Cocoa Bon - Our Story  

Our Company isn't about corporate greed, exhaustive market research, or overseas chocolate sweatshops. It's about a small group of close friends with a passion for good living. And an obsession for unrelenting quality.

Originating a few years back out of their Northern California home, the first Cocoa Bon chocolates were the confectionery brainchild of Elaine Hutchins and her husband Chris. It began as the two - along with their circle of like-minded bon vivants - enjoyed a charmed, pre-dotcom-bust lifestyle of fine wines, gourmet cooking, lively conversation and travels to Europe and beyond.

Determined to parlay their passion for life's finer things into something they could share with friends, Elaine and Chris began searching for a small boutique winery in Napa to handcraft premium cabernets. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves about $15 million short of the $15 million asking price. So they got real, got in contact with a confectioner of note, and began pursuing another passion they all shared - chocolate. Specifically, premium, 100% natural chocolates blended with the finest ingredients. In short, an elegant line of chocolates that the serious host could serve proudly in a tasteful social setting. Or, for that matter, savor alone while dreaming about how enchanting it would be to throw a party with a tasteful social setting.

The overwhelming success of their chocolates has proven that with hard work and an uncompromising standard for quality, you can turn a dream into reality.

Where next? Who knows. But we invite you to join us as we continue to christen cool new flavors - and to drink from the sweet champagne flute of life. Cheers.